by Fernando Solis

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"Fernando Solis sings with a melodic voice close to a whisper and he plays his music with a soft ease that seems so natural that it sounds so impressive; its hard to believe that this one man with one instrument can produce an album completely swelling with symphony quality sound. He opens his debut EP "Fernando" hitting the ground running with 'Better Than Me' and fades easily into the next tracks without dropping the energy one bit. he lacks percussion but makes up for the rhythm with his vocals; crooning under his breath soft, deeply personal and relate-able lyrics. It doesn't feel like he's trying to be a poet and you wont find any convoluted, better-than-thou-ironic passages in his songs, Fernando's just spilling his feelings. The songs are surprisingly catchy despite their tone and content, take 'Tightrope' and 'Vegetarian Themes' for example. You can tell he's a great guitarist and it becomes apparent on several tracks but he doesn't flaunt it. He's found something that a lot of modern folk has lost: Good music made simple. Again, you find yourself having to come to grips that its really only one guy playing the guitar. Aside from the music, the album is well produced. The five track EP flows so evenly the energy is never dropped and a new song always creeps up on you. The guitar sounds crisp as if it were being played right in front of you. The multiple vocal tracks gives Fernando's tunes its dream-like breezy quality. The only downside of Fernando is that it might move too fast or too smoothly but that might just be his intention, leaving you begging for more."

-Matt Coggins, Arctic Sounds Radio


released June 9, 2012

All songs written, performed, and recorded by Fernando Solis

Mastered by Chris Goosman at Baseline Audio Labs



all rights reserved


Fernando Solis Flint, Michigan

Fernando Solis born May 15th, 1986, was raised in the city of Flint, MI. From a city that could provide a history class of its own, one shouldn’t be surprised that a song writer would emerge with a hunger and drive in the likeness of that of the city he dwells. Fernando Solis plunges the listener into moments of weakness before leaving them blindsided with topics of strength and love. ... more

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Track Name: Better Than Me
Someday I'll be everything I promised, better than me, but my thoughts stain like wine and my mistakes repeat themselves time and time again.

I can't help but pick up from where I left. I've packed all my baggage I'm ready to travel but I can't with this weight on my chest. You just keep reading through all my chapters as if you'll find some happy end. I hate to say it, we're just not there yet.

My friends all tell me, "You've got to wake yourself back up, no time for sleep. Cause we all wince and grind our teeth. We'll never judge you on how you got this way we just worry about how you'll leave."

But please just wait for me cause its going to take me quite some time to get to where I need. I hope I'm not too late to make you see that I can only change so much before I just don't feel like me.
Track Name: Something Good
If my mother only knew the kind of person I would be I think she'd have her way with me. If my mother only knew the things I'd see I think she'd lock me up and hide the world for me to see. And all these let downs I keep chasing with all this time that I keep wasting. She said you've got to find something good to hold on to cause when I'm gone no one's gonna pull you through.

All I know are simple words like the kind my father used to scare the wits right out of me. He said, "All you can do is tell the truth no matter how scared you may be. An honest man is the most valuable man that you can be. Your word is the only thing that anyone can hold you to. Don't you use it to make anyone feel less than you cause they're only looking for something good to hold on to and you never know that might be you."
Track Name: Tightrope
I've been trying to put these colors together that form the life that I can't leave. Will I be judged for all my strikeouts or will my intentions show the better half of me? Well, I'm not praying to your god. And I'm not asking for your ground to walk upon. I'm not out waging war. I'm just fighting, I'm just fighting for my own selfish cause.

I can't help but hope of one day leaving cause I believe there's still some worth to my dreams. You tell me, "You've got to live for the moment." But what if all of mine just seem to slip right by me? So I just keep holding on to the thought of the best is yet to come. Like the girl who's photos show love in every moment she wishes she was a part of.

The monotony of every day has got me wound up like a tightrope. I'm like a clock always asking time to stay, arms always reaching out for more. I heard that words don't matter much these days, people talk of things that they don't know. All I want is for someone to say, "You're really not alone."
Track Name: Peg Away
You try so hard to compensate for all you've lost. Its like you're losing a one man race.

So I let you lie on my shoulder and tell me how all the days are feeling longer. I don't know when your losing streak will be over. Some days are so hard to make it through but you always come out stronger.

You sit and wait for something good to come your way. And all you see is that life that you can't lead.

I guess its easy to laugh a little less when everyone around you says that you're a mess. I don't know how to empathize with your slurred words. I don't know why you're acting this because you only make it worse.

So set your sights a little lower.
There's no shame in starting over.
I don't mind waiting around.
As long as you stay true to your word this time we'll make it count.
Track Name: Vegetarian Themes
I watch you read your books on vegetarian themes. You're always growing and its so hard to see where you start and end with me. I can't breathe with all these things that I should be.

You can only bite your tongue for so long before the truth eventually bleeds. Its only as bad as you want it to be. You're so restless. Half the time I can't remember what I hurt you for.

I'll say its always one sided and I swear up and down its always yours.